Bengale Rouge by Papillon

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Bengale Rouge by Papillon has already sold out at Indigo

We are currently sold out, and will restock in January 2020. 

It has been two years since Papillon released their last fragrance, Dryad, and Liz has just released her newest offering to join the existing collection: Bengale Rouge.

This perfume is inspired by one of Liz’s beloved Bengal cats, and takes inspiration from the evocative scent of warm, sun-lit fur.  

It has received fab reviews on the perfume blog circuits and our customers.

Indigo is once again offering the chance to pre-order, as Papillon is a true artisanal perfumery and when they run out, it takes a while for their perfumes to come back in stock. Liz  allows the proper amount of time for them to macerate, and although it is lengthy, it is worth it.

NOTES:  Turkish Rose – Indian Sandalwood – Orris Butter – Labdanum – Oakmoss – Tonka – Honey – Vanilla – Benzoin – Sweet Myrrh

50 ml. EdP, 1 ml. spray sample

Family: Floral

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
So much sultry

On me this is mostly myrrh, honey and vanilla.....the rose is just enough there to keep it from veering toward gourmand. There's a little heat in it...makes you want to give people a little half smile and a wink. Y'all control yourselves when wearing this.

Haha- great review!
Papillon Bengale Rouge

One of the year's best releases.
It's a stunner and I'm so grateful to be able to purchase it from someone who cares (here's looking at you, Ann♥️).

Aaww- Thank YOU, Ida!

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