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Indigo presents SCENTED, our interactive club for perfume connoisseurs and those who would like to learn more about fragrance.

The monthly olfactory experience begins with a 2 ml. spray sample of a new/unusual perfume or one we might add to Indigo’s collection with a detailed description of its notes, an interview with the perfumer who created it and the opportunity to purchase the full bottle with a 15% discount that is available for one month.

We are also combining SCENTED with our Scents Unwrapped smell contest, due to your requests! In addition to the SCENTED sample, you will receive a spray sample of an anonymous perfume that has been unwrapped from its bottle and label. No ingredient list. No names.

It is your job to figure out which perfume it is. The monthly winner will receive a full bottle (an original) of the winning perfume. 

Entry answers can be submitted by sending an email to or by calling the store.
Each answer must include the perfume name, along with customer name, shipping address, phone number & email. The deadline for your guess is the last Tuesday of the month.

The third sample will be 1 ml. of a bonus perfume that Indigo happens to love. 

An online questionnaire about the perfumes will be available monthly for participants; we will publish a synopsis of the observations & comments we receive about the perfumes (sillage, longevity, performance, etc.), to help you determine whether they are for you or not.

Join us by signing up here. The cost is $12 per month (includes ground shipping), which includes the three samples and a chance to win a full bottle of perfume monthly. Or, sign up for a six-month run for $60 ($10/month). 

The monthly samples will be shipped on the last Wednesday of the month, along with the full bottle drawing and announcements.

We look forward to welcoming you to our community of perfume lovers!



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
this is the best thing around in the frag world

Ann sends out GENEROUS samples of things that I've never tried and never heard of. That's saying a lot for someone with over 2,000 full bottles plus thousands upon thousands of minis, samples and decants. I have loved everything she's sent. She also throws in tons of extras. You get three or four fragrances for this price, fun info, polls, prizes, discounts etc. What's not to love?

Scented Club

I look forward every month, to the Scented delivery. Each time it's like receiving a gift, wrapped and who knows until you open it, what's inside? I've learned so much about so many different houses -without making a huge investment of money or time. And of course, found some new loves along the way! The game of guessing the "unwrapped" each month is sharpening my perceptions. What a great value for all this fun!

Not your Mother's Sandalwood

While this does have that "Hippie" Sandalwood that I associate with the World Bazaar store at the mall at it's heart - it is much more toned down. It opens quite citrusy and then I get some of the spicy notes that I like about Sandalwood but they are calmed by Sanrovia's dewy greenness. It settles down warm and quiet - as if you found some of your Mothers' Sandalwood from back in the day buried in a cedar chest with an old mini skirt... Sanrovia is much more wearable in public than that mini skirt.

What a delicious surprise

Light enough to be worn all day in a business setting, Sanrvia doesn’t overpower yet holds up throughout the day
I love when people comment on the scent I am wearing

absolute fun

I agonized over the contest fragrance. It was lovely vetiver. I haven't tried the scent of the month yet but am looking forward to it. Bring on next month! Ann is amazing and so is her store.

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