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Inspired by Zelda Fitzgerald, America's first flapper and the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald, ZELDA's bright beginning, full heart, and dark base evoke the story of Zelda's bright life and tragic descent into a final heart of darkness. Jazzy and contemporary, ZELDA's Art Deco signature exalts the precious naturals, resins, and tinctures found in famous vintage perfumes of the '20's.


Shortly before the release of the Leonardo de Caprio movie, The Great Gatsby, Michelyn Camen, Editor in Chief of CaFleureBon Magazine asked Ms. Waddington if she would be interested in working on a fragrance commemorating the life of the iconic Zelda Fitzgerald.  Zelda was a complex woman who went from being a Southern belle to the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald.  As America’s first flapper, she also lived abroad, painted, danced, and wrote her own novels.  But she lived in the shadow of her husband’s success, and slowly succumbed into madness.


Zelda is a result of their collaboration and a vintage vibe, daring and with a dark side.


A neo-Oriental perfume for women


Top notes: Spiced Italian Bergamot, Spices, and Iranian Galbanum

Heart notes: Creamy Magnolia Blossom and Garden Florals

Base notes: Smoky Amber, Vintage Musks, Vanilla, Balsams, Sandalwood and Vetiver, Cedarwood, and Mousse de Chêne

Family: Floral

.7 ml. glass vial with dauber


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