STILL Face and Body Mist

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Function: To promote mindfulness during meditation and in everyday use.

    Developed as a tool to prompt mindfulness this blend was inspired by oils and fragrances used in traditional Indian ayurvedic medicine to balance both the body and mind. The Still fragrance is our ode and modern meditation, to create this blend we paired grounding frankincense, centering clary sage, and elevating mandarin to create a uniquely balanced aroma that acts as a subtle reminder throughout your day to take a moment to be still.


    Key Ingredients:


    • Chamomile: Steam distilled from leaves, a refreshing natural antiseptic with decongestant properties that help to promote breathing & alertness. Reduces stress. 
    • Vetiver: Soothes insecurities and calms the mind
    • Lavender: Natural calming & antimicrobial properties of lavender calms nerves, adjusts the body to timezone, regulates sleep while traveling. A sedative and natural antimicrobial. 


    : Close eyes and mist over face, neck and/or body


    Volume: 30ml 1.0fl oz mist

    Blended in 100% pure Italian Sweet Almond and Castor Oil
    Free of all parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, and synthetic dyes
    Against animal testing

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