Salt Caramel 30 ml.

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FAIR WARNING: Salt Caramel is addicting! 


Salt Caramel, the pure temptation of the gourmand. Inspired by English chocolatier to the Queen Charbonnel et Walker's Sea Salt Caramel Truffles, this is an irresistible fragrance composed of waves of caramel and bourbon vanilla cut through with sea salt and sandalwood. Tempting and indulgent. Burnt sweetness. 


Glossy caramel beckons you in. Then give in to temptation as sea salt, tonka bean and sandalwood take you to a deeper, darker edge.

Rich. Addictive. Indulgent.


Handcrafted In England. Made With Real Flowers, Fruit And Spices.

Contains Around Two Pounds Of Woods and Vanilla.



Top notes: Liquid Caramel, Sea Salt 

Heart notes:  Tonka Bean

Base notes:  Bourbon Vanilla, Sandalwood

Family: Woody Vanilla, Gourmand

30 ml. EdP spray bottle


Our Kahanni: Beauty Focus: Shay & Blue Fragrances

Salt Caramel: "Although the initial notes of liquid caramel can appear to be sweet, the lingering base of Bourbon Vanilla, Sea Salt and Sandalwood resonate an old-world warmth and decadence that remain long after the sweetness mellows."



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