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 Welcome to Tauerville!


Everything you find here at Tauerville is created by Andy Tauer. He founded Tauerville® in 2014, in search of an "outlet" for his fragrant creations and other pieces of work in a time of "too much of too mingy". Ten years after starting Tauer Perfumes, it was the time for another venture that complements, supports and adds to Tauer Perfumes. 


Tauerville is Andy's playground for innovative ideas presented in a down-to-earth approach. Therefore, you can expect some of the best creations using the best raw materials a perfumer can get, at a great price.


Rose Flash is the first Tauerville release.


Rose Flash 


In a few words: A carefully balanced composition, blooming roses, sweet, but not too sweet, with ambery tones and more.


Andy's description: Rose Flash comes without notes. We think that sometimes perfumes need to experienced for what they are.

Here's what an expert said: "Rose Flash, a shamelessly diffusive, tenacious, extrait-strength creation, overflowing with the greens, spices, citruses, woods and creamy intimacies which enter your very soul when you stick your nose into a bone fide, scented, living rose" ©


This rose comes in perfume concentration, a lovely orange color due to its richness in natural rose absolute (without artificial coloring) and great longevity. It reaches out and projects well, but is not overpowering. It is sweet but comes with ambery woody tones that balance the sweetness."


Family: Floral Oriental

.7 ml. glass vial with dauber



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