Palettes for the Senses Sampler Set at Indigo

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Palettes for the Senses: Art + Scent Demystified is a multi-sensory exhibition by Indigo Perfumery and HEDGE Gallery that allows you to experience art through all of the senses, including the sense of smell.

This new approach to viewing and interpreting art begins with works by Hedge-represented artists. Each piece of art is accompanied by a smell station containing a glass dome that is lifted to sniff the accompanying fragrance. Combining the visual and olfactory elements allows you to experience the art in a whole new way.

Here is your chance to experience six of the artworks with the accompanying fragrances paired by Indigo. You will receive the six 1 ml. spray samples seen below plus a surprise fragrance that you won't forget!


Earth, 2017 by Dott von Schneider
Medium: Soil, Primer, Dye on Birch Panel, 23” x 34”
Perfume pairing: After the Flood by Apoteker Tepe
The scent of the many textures of earth itself- soil, rocks, gooey wetness- are captured in After the Flood. Add in mushroom, patchouli and green cardamom and the wet soil accord comes alive before you.
Sugar Shack, 2016 by Nikki Woods    
Medium: Oil on Canvas 25.5” x 23.5”
Perfume pairing: Sulmona by Coquillete Paris

Standing in the kitchen, licking your fingers and surrounded by sweet smells is where both Sugar Shack and Sulmona immediately take you to.


Shield (pink spikes), 2017 by Rebecca Cross    

Medium: Silk, Dye 20” x 15”

Perfume pairing: Dupont Circle by Monsillage 

While seemingly delicate, Shield (pink spikes)’s inherent strength is reflected in the beauty of the rose, the main floral note in Dupont Circle. The cedar, patchouli and oakmoss in its base offer strength and grounding.



Trace, 2016 by Brian Mouhlas

Medium: Oil on canvas 30.25” x 30”

Perfume pairing: Fathom V by BeauFort London

 Surrounded by a haze of green textures and rippling waters, Fathom V reflects light and shade, bright herbals and dark mosses and spices.


Growth; Bos Taurus, 2017  by Matthew Gallagher

Medium: Encaustic on Bone

Perfume pairing: Anabasis by Apoteker Tepe

 Encountering a skull calls to mind the scent of both life and death. Earthy, musty, adventurous, mysterious, Anabasis walks you closely up to its smooth, yet irregular, texture.


Equal I, 2017  by Jessica Pinsky


Medium: Partly Handspun Weft And Cotton Warp, 60” x 60” 

Perfume pairing: Au Coeur Du Désert by Tauer 

Au Coeur Du Désert weaves spices such as Coriander and Cumin alongside long-lasting woods and greens, much like Equal I organizes its fibers into a chorus of deep colors and textures.



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