Oud Alif

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$ 140.00
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The Alpha oud. The ritual of ancient smoked oud wood, spiked with the richness of chocolat noir and saffron.

Hypnotic. A world of devotion.


Oud Alif - creamy, soft, rounded woods, inspired by the great gourmand oud fragrances of the Middle East. The best oud agarwood from the rare aquilaria tree, spiked with the richness of chocolat noir and notes of elegant leather, saffron and dark patchouli. A sophisticated, elegant blend.

Handcrafted in England. Made With Real Flowers, Fruit And Spices.

Contains Around Two Pounds Of Oud and Saffron


Winner:  BEST of SCENT 2013 for OUD ALIF CaFleureBon Awards 


Top notes: Oud Agarwood

Heart notes: Chocolate Noir, Saffron

Base notes: Napa leather, Dark Patchouli

Family: Gourmand  Woody

100 ml. Fragrance Concentrée spray bottles 


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