La Castiglione sample

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This nocturnal, vampire-like creature has burst upon the social scene, where she brings a fragrance of newness.

She is perfectly beautiful with a boldness that makes her fashionable.



La Castiglione has odd manners. She does not make conversation, babble or dance, for she wants to be an almost silent divinity, like a statue, an effigy. A photographic word about the role she wanted to play, a faithful allegory of beauty, according to Baudelaire, is all that will remain.

By candlelight, La Castiglione eau de Parfum evokes a lusty, sooty commotion with bewitching Patchouli, libidinous Copaïba, elegant Cade and caressing Ambergris.


A fragrance with a dark, vapour trail.


Top notes: Citron, Mugwort

Heart notes: Copaïba, Licorice, Patchouli, Sharp Cedar

Base notes: Ambergris, Myrrh, Styrax

Family: Oriental

.7 ml. glass vial with dauber



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