Gardenia Sotto la luna sample

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Andy begins a new chapter in his creation of perfumes with Gardenia Sotto la luna.


Sotto la luna translates from Italian into “under the moon.”

"With Sotto la luna, as a creator, I am moving forward. It is hard to talk about the driving forces and changes that guide a creative process. Yet, I can feel that Sotto la luna comes at a point of my creative route where I become gentler in my expression.  Sotto la luna is joyful and sentimental at the same time.



With Gardenia as the first fragrance in this line, I wanted to capture these images. I see a few clouds, a creamy gardenia shining into the night under a bright moon, secluded from the busy day world under the sun.

A soft gardenia, shiny but not blazing, a fine and beautiful flower, a harmonious perfume blending into the night.


My gardenia perfume flowers out with a spicy freshness, it matures into a round, gentle green floral perfume reminiscent of a hundred different flowers, it closes with powdery mosses and a creamy floral woodiness that disappears into the night.


In Sotto la luna Gardenia, you will find a very complex fragrance, a fragrant painting composed of many lines, but I find the lines balanced, creating a gentle fragrance, soft, with character, presence and volume, but never loud."


Top Notes: Gardenia

Heart Notes: Rose, Jasmine

Base Notes: Tonka, Vanilla, Sandalwood

Family:  Floral

.7 ml. glass vial with dauber


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