Eye, Hatshepsut

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“[Conceived] in a flood of light and perfume.”

Eye, Hatshepsut is an olfactive homage to one of history’s most notable gender rebels: Pharaoh Hatshepsut of Egypt. A warrior, a visionary, a pioneer... she is most remembered for her enduring ability to rewrite the narrative of history in her favor: a mythical legacy forever emblazoned into the walls of her temple at Dayr al-Bahri. The structure of the fragrance takes inspiration from the many depictions of Hatshepsut as a female figure in male dress. It juxtaposes softer, sweeping floral arcs (lotus, iris) with starker, contrasting resinous edges (kohl, kyphi), blending elements of strength and beauty together against the crystalline backdrop of the Saharan sands.

Eye, Hatshepsut weaves together aromas from Hatshepsut’s daily beauty rituals (honeying of the skin, applying of kohl to the eyes, incensing of the body...), with other scents evocative of royal life spent along the Nile (lotus flower, papyrus reeds, kyphi resin). A trail of ever-growing olfactive smoke guides you from decorated palace walls down sacred temple halls... from the battlefields of Nubia to the entombed confines of Dayr al-Bahri... until at last yielding to promised perfumed embraces of the glorious afterlife. The hot Saharan sun sets... the blossoms begin to close... only a lingering fragrant presence kisses the air, whispering enduring exaltations to Eye, Hatshepsut.

Top Notes: Papyrus, Blue Lotus, Smoke, Burnt Tallow
Heart Notes: Kohl, Cinnamon, Honeyed Wine, Orris Butter
Base Notes: Spiced Patchouli, Incense, Labdanum, Egyptian Musk

Family: Spicy Floral

Perfumer: Cecile Hua (Mane USA)

30 ml. EdP spray, .7 ml. sa,ple in 2 ml. glass spray vial


Eye Hatshepsut’s packaging draws inspiration from the merchant streets and desert sands of the Nile River Valley. Every bottle of Eye, Hatshepsut is hand-filled and packed in the Brooklyn studio, and comes wrapped and tied in a piece of raw buckskin leather.

Each bottle is also accompanied by a small sachet of spiced patchouli, giving you yet another way to consider the raw material as it was used in trade. All of the sachets can be placed inside any drawer or closet for an extra touch of scent, or be repurposed for crafting potpourri.


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