Eau de Hongrie

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Eau de Hongrie is a very personal creation for Viktoria Minya, inspired by the famous Eau de la Reine de Hongrie, the first modern perfume ever referenced. According to the legend, the perfume gave back youth and beauty to the aging Elisabeth of Hungary, hence the Polish king fell in love with and married her.


This modern version of ’Eau de la Reine de Hongrie’ is inspired by the most noble of Hungarian dessert wines, the world famous Tokaji Aszú ( Tokaji Essence ), with proven medical benefits.
 Delicate notes of honey and jasmine are crowned by smooth sandalwood to create a rich, enchanting fragrance.


Eau de Hongrie is presented within a uniquely beautiful, wine-shaped bottle that is a finely designed ode to the world famous Tokaji wines. The bottle is enclosed within a handmade wooden box recalling Viktoria Minya's signature packaging.


Top notes: Essence of the noted Tokaji Aszú, the noble Hungarian dessert wine

Heart notes: Honey, Jasmine

Base notes: Sandalwood

Family: Gourmand Floral

100 ml. EdP spray


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