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Dangerous Complicity speaks the language of the skin.

For inspiration, we look to Adam and Eve. By eating the forbidden fruit, complicity took on another dimension, and became dangerous. They lost their innocence and their paradise. The door was opened to carnal energy, they were liberated from restrictions, and they could now create their own version of Eden. That forbidden fruit became a one-way ticket to Etat Libre d’Orange. 

The scent of the Osmanthus has a bewitching allure, and the tea which is made from its small white blossoms is known to encourage seduction. Add to this the jasmine, famed as an aphrodisiac. Then bind them together with the strength of leather and expunge all inhibitions with the intoxicating power of rum. Now you are ready to form an alliance, break some rules, and take the risk – to enter into that dangerous complicity of hearts and minds and flesh.


Notes: Rum JE, Ginger JE, Coconut JE, Bay Essence, Calamus Essence, Osmanthus Absolute, Egyptian Jasmine Absolute, Ylang Ylang Essence, Lorenox, Patchouli Essence, Leather Accord, Sandalwood, Cashmere Woods


Family:  Aromatic

.7 ml. glass vial with dauber

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