Cafe Cacao

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Did you know that Marie Antoinette took a bit of ambergris in her hot chocolate?  (We're told that Louis XV was an aficionado as well.)  And Empress Josephine liked her musk so much that she had her workmen embed it in her walls.


Using the coveted royal fragrance of Josephine's musk & Marie Antoinette's amber-laden cocoa, En Voyage created a perfumed version of the Parisienne Cafe mocha. Cafe Cacao is a sensuous perfume with a surprisingly aphrodisiac effect.


Set in a stunning, yet subtle, amber base that lends a much-appreciated wearability, the dark French roast Cafe,  steamy milk, and dark cacao  are topped with sweet cream, sprinkles of vanilla powder, Rose Sugar and cardamom.


Cafe Cacao has excellent diffusion and longevity. It is also superb for layering with other perfumes.




Top notes:  Vanilla Powder, Rose Sugar, Ground Cardamom, Bergamot Peel

Heart notes:  Espresso Cafe Steamed Milk, Salt, Dark Cacao, Rich Whipped Cream

Base notes:  Soft Amber, Himalayan Musk, New Zealand Beach-combed Ambergris

Family: Gourmand

15 ml. spray EdP


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