Blood Sweat Tears

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Blood Sweat Tears

An Art & Olfaction Award 2014 Independent Category Nominee

Blood Sweat Tears is a composition of addictive essences. Flowing pulsating, mutating with the essences that keep us keeping on in our daily lives: teas, tobacco, jasmine, ancient fruit. Subtle top notes open up to deep and expressive woody bases. Pungent yet sweet, and hypnotic, it is a portrait of perseverance. Inspired by the gritty soulfulness of the Blues & Yves Klein’s monochromatic blue performances.

Numbered limited edition. Painted glass base and cap. Mixed in a historic perfumery in Grasse, France with the finest most-natural essences. No sulfates, phtalates or parabens.

Top Notes: Black tea, Green tea, Bergamot

Heart Notes: Tobacco, Spices, Fig, Ylang ylang, Jasmine

Base Notes: Wood, Bark, Sandalwood

50 ml. EdP spray bottle, .7 ml. glass vial with dauber

Family: Woody

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