Blood Oranges 30 ml. spray

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A blood orange is a crossbreed of exotic pomelo and virginal clementine. Shay and Blue uses Tarocco blood oranges, the finest available and harvested on Mount Etna, Sicily. Humble citrus in perfumery can disappoint and disappear, but the muscular blood orange, thirsting for air-space, grabs your attention. Excessively juicy.



Blood Oranges: a richly refreshing fragrance with fresh bursts of blood orange, underpinned with an opulent and sensual blend of musk, woods and passionate leather. Different, stylish, ideal for men or women.


Handcrafted in England. Made with Real Flowers, Fruits and Spices.

Contains around two pounds of real fruits.


Top notes: Blood Oranges

Heart notes: Nea Leather

Base notes: Musk, Charred Woods, Amber

Family: Citrus Woody Leather

30 ml. EdP spray bottle


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