Almond Silk Essential Oils Bar Soap by TAY

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$ 16.00
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TAY Essential Oils Bar Soap in Almond Silk is a soothing bath bar composed of delicate cleansing ingredients and an all-natural sweet almond oil. Its warming scent is inspired by Sarah’s almond tree and its tall, earthy heartiness.

The grass paper wrapper is carefully woven in various shades of nature.The bar soap is intended for daily use and works up a natural, sulfate-free lather that easily dissolves and doesn’t leave a sticky residue. Natural fragrance helps ensure minimal irritation to skin. Due to its mostly organic composition, this long-lasting bar should be kept out of direct sunlight for maximum preservation. 

Sweet, warm notes of french almonds and fresh Mount Rainier cherries and natural cherry laurel form the fragrance and are combined with Sweet Almond Oil.

Apply to wet skin. Work up a natural lather and then rinse. For face and body. 

8.8oz / 250g 

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