Indigo listened to your requests!

You can now design your own custom fragrance at the Scent Quarter,

located within Indigo Perfumery. 


Since its inception, Indigo has hosted the popular Mix Your Own Scent workshops.

Many of our customers have returned to adjust their formulas and have asked if the oils and bases can be available during our open hours. And we agreed- why wait for a workshop!

Scent Quarter is now open!



We will guide you on your journey, from the discovery of the ingredients to the layering process through to the final blending of the perfume. With the wide array of top, heart and base notes in the Scent Quarter’s collection, we will assist you in learning how to blend natural and synthetic aroma molecules. Your options are limitless. 

Choose between a 15 ml. ($45) or 30 ml. ($68) Italian glass spray bottle with the knowledge that your formula will be kept on file for your future use only. Reorders are available. 
Each labeled bottle will be enclosed in a custom felt pouch for safekeeping.

Give the gift of a Scent Quarter Custom Perfume to your family, friends, or yourself!

 To schedule an appointment, simply call the store at 216-767-5563 or send an email to

Walk-ins are welcome, but we cannot guarantee availability.